Opportunities to grow

Stuartholme School enjoys a reputation for providing a devoted, supportive learning environment, fostering a sense of community and belonging for each girl. We encourage our students to discover, grow and value their talents, and to be the best she can be. This is achieved through a balanced well-rounded education that offers opportunities both in and outside the classroom. Our Co-Curricular Program offers a broad range of sporting and non-sporting activities to our students. Along with traditional sports such as Netball, Water Polo, Rowing and Equestrian, to name a few, students have the opportunity to participate in cultural activities such as Music, Art, Drama and Debating. Our Academic Enrichment Program aims to develop the potential of each student by providing a pathway that acknowledges their individual gifts and talent. 

Opportunities to lead

At Stuartholme every aspect of our teaching aims to develop our student’s self-efficacy, grow their leadership potential, empowering them with the skills and confidence to lead well after they finish school. We are blessed with fantastic role models who inspire, empower and encourage our students. Our Student Leaders lead by example, collaborating to coordinate, promote and manage whole-school events. They communicate with, engage and inspire their fellow students and they represent themselves and their school honourably. Stuartholme School offers an active Social Justice Program that prepares and encourages our students to be active, informed and responsible global citizens. This year’s initiative is centered around the school’s theme for the year of Compassion, Connection and Change. 

Opportunities to discover

Stuartholme School is part of an international network of Sacred Heart Schools across 44 countries. Each school is connected by the vision of the Sacred Heart Society foundress Saint Madeleine Sophie Barat. Stuartholme provides reciprocal exchange opportunities with approximately 25 Sacred Heart Schools worldwide through our Exchange Program. This program provides many benefits for each girl participating. It is an ideal platform for fostering maturity, personal growth, building confidence and gaining independence. It also promotes cultural awareness and provides the opportunity to discover and create lifelong global friendships whilst reinforcing connections to the Sacred Heart Network.

These are just some of the many opportunities we offer our students here at Stuartholme. To find out more we encourage you to experience our school in action at one of our upcoming student guided Tours. Afterwards, join us for morning tea with the Principal and Leadership Team.

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