There's something unique about Stuartholme girls.

It’s not just the way they think or the actions they take, but their view of the world around them. They graduate as confident leaders, global thinkers and innovators. Many will be and have become the trail blazers and game changers of the future.

Tomorrows Leaders

Stuartholme girls take the opportunities they are given and learn how to use them to make a difference. Every aspect of our teaching aims to develop our student’s self-efficacy, grow their leadership potential, empowering them with the skills and confidence to lead well after they finish school.

They learn the joy of giving back to their communities. They know the power of action over words. These girls understand the importance of self-belief, to know they can. This gives them the confidence to ask questions, make choices and lead the way.

From when your daughters first starts at Stuartholme, she is provided with decision making and leadership opportunities. As each girl finds her way through school and identifies her own strengths, broader and more challenging leadership opportunities become available.

Opportunities for our girls to lead;

  • As a School Leader such as the Cor Unum Committee, Green and Blue Ribbons and Co-curricular captains
  • In the classroom through learning experiences, critical thinking and educated decision making
  • Beyond the Classroom in team sports, debating discussions, enrichment programs, clubs and committees and our social justice program

Global Thinkers

A ‘Stuartholme girl’ is empowered to transform her world. Our School prepares and inspires our girls to be active, informed and responsible global citizens. Our girls focus on the big picture and at Stuartholme we are fortunate to provide opportunities to not only be aware of global issues but to develop reassuring and thought-provoking opinions and apply critical thinking to make real word differences.

In addition to the day to day learning the girls can participate in a wider range of engaging programs.

These programs adjust our students’ attitudes and knowledge to embrace a global mindset. Our students are moved by these experiences and are inspired to use their education to make the world a more just place.

Our girls are making a difference through the following activities.

  • Heart and Action Service-Learning Program offering students the experience of entering into relationships with the elderly through St Pauls, children with disabilities through our annual Sony Foundation Children’s Holiday Camp and refugee teenagers through a weekly homework club in conjunction with Yeronga High School
  • Our Social Justice program and formation days, which allow students to investigate in-depth, relevant issues and to formulate actions in response
  • Justice, Peace and the Integrity of Society (JPIC) is a student-led group which provides additional opportunities to raise the School’s awareness of various social justice issues
  • Students run the Live Below the Line campaign annually. This activity challenges people to live on the equivalent of the extreme poverty line for 5 days

Future Innovators

At Stuartholme we focus on the ‘why’ of learning. The way we teach and adapt each student’s learning style is aimed at providing the best educational outcome for each girl.

We pride ourselves on supporting, extending and challenging our students to optimise pathways for their future learning and have developed a range of 'next' practice school learning programs that promote and encourage innovation and provides students with practical opportunities to use design thinking and to be innovative developers of digital solutions and knowledge.

This allows our girls to graduate with a much richer education while also providing them with the practical know-how and tools to know what to do, when they don’t know what to do.

See how we are nurturing our young leaders to be future innovators.

  • Our Digital Technologies course empower students to shape change by influencing how contemporary and emerging information systems and practices are applied to meet current and future needs. Our girls analyse problems and then design, implement and evaluate digital solutions in areas such as gaming, relational databases, mobile app solutions and artificial intelligence engines and simulations.
  • The Tech it to the Limit group unites students with a passion for Information technology and encourages them share their skills and ideas to support school events by producing accompanying IT productions.
  • Entering competitions such as Young ICT Explorers; video game competitions; UQ Robo Cup; ACMI Screen It Competition; Australasian Schools Computer Competition; ATOM Awards and FIT Flash Competition.
  • Academic Enrichment and Co-Curricular Enrichment opportunities

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